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Sherlyn Chopra aka Mona Chopra is an Indian-born actress of Persian and Indian descent. She is currently having a burgeoning career in the Bollywood scene, and most commonly works under the name. Mona Chopra is a new sizzling sensation in the bollywood industry. Mona Chopra is a model turned actress, who has done many advertising projects and now trying her luck in bollywood movies. So far Mona Chopra is seen in some skin flicks such as Naughty Boy, Jawani Diwani, Game, Time Pass and Dosti.

Life Story

Mona Chopra, according to her unofficial fansite, "just wants to dominate the showbiz market by going to any length. To dominate the entertainment industry, Mona has appeared in extremely hot poses, photo shoots and movie scenes. 

She gets naked in Red Swastik, in which she plays a psychotic killer her uses her sexuality to manipulate her victims, and then go in for the kill.  Also according to her unofficial site, "she just wants to make her way in the Bollywood industry with the workable formula of excess skin show." 

Also according to her unofficial fan site, "Though she has not gained much success but her roles and her boldness in the movies caused sensation


Her filmography
2007 Red Swastik (Post-Production)
2006 Game (Under Production)
2006 Naughty Boy (Released)
2006 Jawani Diwani - A Youthful Joyride (Released)
2006 Raqeeb - Rivals In Love (Under Production)
2005 Dosti - Friends Forever (Released)
2005 Time Pass (Released)

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